Secondments provide the opportunity to benefit from to the services of a consultant for a determined period of time, whose role is to initiate, coordinate and streamline internal and external networking activities.


The consultant both leads the project and acts as a resource person:

- Project leader for the company:

  • Provides recommendations on establishing processes,
  • Sets up training modules,
  • Supplies access to tools.

- Resource person for some teams in the organisation, which may:

  • Be able to generate more sales by making better use of their network,
  • Be dealing with a networking-related situation,
  • Want to help their customers, prospective customers, prescribers, etc. to resolve a networking problem in order to earn their loyalty.


The consultant’s role is therefore not to replace the teams but offer them ways of making their actions more profitable and impactful.

Various subscription-based options can also be considered.

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